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Our club plans as many events as possible during the year. From BBQ's to local "Cruise Ins" to Hosting a Car Show and more. As a member of Electric City GTO's you will have many excuses to take your car for a cruise. This is a space to showcase our club events, cars past and present, and the restoration work we do. Just click on any gallery title to be taken to the gallery. Life is too short to drive boring cars. Come Join Us.

Cruising With Electric City

ECGTO Picnic at Kyle James' House

Spring Picnic 2017

2017 Picnic at Kyle James' House

Holiday Party 2016

Our Annual Holiday Party

Fall Picnic 2016

Dave Hosted our Fall Picnic with free pony rides.

Fred and Crystal

Family and Friends Dinner

These dinners are always a favorite and are attracting more to participate.

All Pontiac Car Show

All Pontiac Car Show

The beautiful day added to the success for enthusiasts to drive from as far away as Canada.

Farm Cruise

Our Cruise to the Farm

Cruise to Brook's BBQ

Everyone enjoys cruising out to Oneonta to indulge in the best BBQ chicken. John being a club member always rolls out the red carpet.

BBQ at Dave Jr's 2015

A big hit every spring and fall are the club picnics. Any member can host these events.

Cruise to Pioneer Valley

We regard "Pioneer Valley GTO's" as our sister club in Springfield, MA. Their show date is always the first part of June and we always plan a cruise over to support them, weather permitting.

Cruise to The Bone Yard

Here we cruised to Northville to support a fellow Pontiac enthusiast, "Dave's Bone Yard".

Cruise to Autogear Transmissions 5-7-2016

A great trip to Autogear Equipment in Syracuse, NY to see how they build the new "Muncie" Transmissions

Cruise Out 2004

Between 1993 and 2007, we hosted one of the Capital District's largest car shows culminating with us hosting the "GTOAA" International Convention in Saratoga Springs 2008.

2023 Year In Review

A collection from crusies, club outings, Cars and Coffee days and our 2023 Holiday Party.

Cars and Coffee Shows

A collection from our weekly Cars and Coffee meets, soaking up the morning sun.

Member's Cars

INterior of a 1969 GTO

Joe's 1969 GTO

My very first new car was this Antique Gold 4 speed with hideaway headlights. Wound up be my daily driver for our family for seven years.

1972 Pontiac LeMans

Doug's 1972 LeMans

Found down in Sommers, CT. This 1972 spent its whole life in the Massachusetts area. An original GT 350 3 speed car was brought back to life after sitting for 20 years.

1972 Convertible Pontiac Lemans Restoration

Tom's 1972 LeMans

I purchased the car in 2010 from a guy in Troy, NY, who had purchased it 25 years prior when he was in the Navy and stationed in CA.

GTO Hood Tachometer

Brian Bengen's GTO's

Nice collection of GTO's. The white '70 is a Concourse Gold car by Rammy Kimberly of Bridport, VT.

Jim's GTO

Beautiful "Motor Trend's Car of the Year for 1968".

Tri-Power Set Up on a 1965 GTO

Lou's GTO

This is a beautiful example of the '65 GTO which is a Concourse Gold car by Rammy Kimberly.

Interior of a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am Y88 Gold Special Edition

Kyle's 1978 T/A

Kyle purchased a 1978 Trans Am Y88 Gold Special Edition. This is a one year only T/A (1,267 units) with a 4 speed transmission

1964 Pontiac 326 engine with a Dearborne 3 speed manual transmission.

Doug's 1964 LeMans

An original Texas car that has not been on the road since 1987. The car was originally a 326 2sp automatic with 2:56 rear and a console.

Steve's 1965 GTO

Steve's 1965 GTO

These are the photos after the restoration.

Dave Jr's Judge

Dave Jr's Judge

I like to think I had a hand in locating this car from an old member, (Jack Stand John). Dave Jr. made the deal to purchase this by the numbers RA III Judge presently in restoration.

Skip's 1967 GTO

Skip's 1967 GTO

This car was in the movie Charlie's Angles and Camron Diaz Drove it in the movie.

Bill Marzano's 1970 GTO

Bill's 1970 GTO

Bill bought this car in April 1984 at the swap meet in Carlisle, PA. It is a numbers matching GTO with a 400 cubic inch Pontiac HO, TH400 automatic and 3.55 rear gear. Original color combo was Baja gold, saddle interior and dark gold convertible top.

Anthony's GTO

Anthony's GTO

These are the photos during the restoration project.

Daves Judge

Dave's Judge

Dave picked up a new Judge. This album shows some of the modifications and update he made to perfect his project.

2022 Projects and RIdes

2022 Projects and New Rides

A compilation of a few of the new rides and projects from 2022.

Restoration Work

Welding in a new floor in a 1972 Pontiac LeMans

Floor Replacement

Replacing the floor and braces in a 1972 LeMans. Lots of cutting, grinding, screwing, and welding.

Fabricating an intake manifold water outlet for a GTO

Fabricating a New Water Oulet

Using a piece of pipe from a hardware store and the original for a pattern a decent copy is made that when painted engine blue will be a passable replacement.

Using molasses to remove rust

Molasses Rust Removal

Molasses Rust Removal is an inexpensive, easy, and enviormentally friendly way to remove rust for your restoration.

Removing the roof sking from a 1964 GTO

Roof Skin Removal

Removing the roof skin from a 1964 GTO to put on a 1964 Lemans.

Replacing Driver's Side Rear Quarter 1965 GTO

Steve's 1965 GTO

This is the photo file taken by me and the restorer Doug Manley, during 2010-2013 of my '65. Unbelievable what he did.

Body Work on a GTO Judge

Judge Restoration

Dave's Judge currently in the process of a frame-off restoration.

The Crew That Helped Rebuild Skip's Motor

Skip's Engine Rebuild

Starting with the newly assembled short block, Garry (Skip’s friend) and Dave Jr. assembled the rest of the engine on an engine stand.

DAve Keil's 67 GTO Restoration

Dave's 67 GTO Body Work

Beginning to end restoration.