The History of Electric City GTO

During the winter of '90/'91 two members of a local P.O.C.I. Chapter, (Pontiac/Oakland Club International), who happen to own GTOs, decided to start a GTO club in the Schenectady, NY area. Joseph James and Hank Eckert where the two instrumental in contacting the GTO Association of America to see what had to be done. They needed to recruit three more people to form an affiliated chapter of five members under G.T.O.A.A.

Joseph James and Hank EckertThe Founding Fathers

By July of 1991 it was official. Electric City GTO's Inc. became an affiliated chapter. For many months we had to use our own money to survive. Having meetings at each other's home while sending mailings out to recruit new members. Having more members was great but needing more space, we started to meet at the Glenville Queen, a local diner. Communication was another problem. So we started publishing a newsletter by November of 91; it is called 'Ram Air Report'.

By 1993, thanks to a member who belonged to the Air National Guard, we started holding our monthly meetings at "Stratton ANG Base" in Glenville, NY. What a great facility! That same year, we went ahead with our plans to have a car show. Holding the show at the air base on Sunday of Labor Day weekend each year. In 2003, we celebtated our 10th annual show. Each show more successful than the last. So, close to the end of the show car season, we called the show, 'Cruise Out'. It's difficult to believe that the tenth show is related to that first one. Every year we have a variety of outings, including: cruises, picnics, car shows, annual appreciation outing and our annual holiday party, which is free to members and guests. Being a part of this club from the beginning, I have to say I am quite proud of how far we have come and what we have accomplished over the years.

The "Electric City GTO's Inc." is a regional all Pontiac club in the Capital District area of up-state New York. Membership dues are $30.00 per year. Although GTO is in our club name and many activities center around the GTO, we welcome owners and enthusiasts of all Pontiac brands to membership.

- Joseph James, Founding Member, Electric City GTO's

Year President Year President
1991 - 92 Joseph James 1993 Hank Eckert
1994 - 95 Walt Scott 1996 Mike Landau
1997 John Mattice 1998 Dick Konsella
1999 Steve Turczyn 2000 Lou Rendano
2001 Dick Kosella 2002 Hank Eckert
2003 Steve Turczyn 2004 Anthony Burger
2005 - 06 Josh Doret 2007 Jim Martin
2008 Mike Landau 2009-10 Gary Brodock
2011-13 Dave Keil 2014 Bill Marzano
2015-18 Dave Keil 2019 Mike Landau
2020 Joseph James 2021